World Most Biggest Dog

World Most Strongest Dog
World Most Strongest Dog
Hercules is a dog that enjoys the limelight. It was back then in 2001, when Hercules was adjudged as being the worlds biggest dog that Flynn came to know about the limelight-loving nature of his pooch. Hercules would go wagging to the interviewers and in front of the cameras, which made him a lovable animal. He was featured on many news and daily shows, and was even featured in a few commercial ads. Whatever it was, the worlds biggest dog was willing to try out new things, much to the surprise and approval of its owners. 
World Most Biggest Dog
Hercules - World Most Biggest Dog 
The Flynns themselves have two children, who were two and seven years old respectively back then, and according to the Flynns, Hercules got along really well with them. Later on, due to his loving nature, the world largest dog was doing shows and was booked for various birthday parties. He was also allowed to meet and get photos shot with children who came to see him from around the world.
World Most Biggest and Heaviest  Dog
Hercules - World Most Biggest and Heaviest  Dog 
World Most Tallest Dog 

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