American Alsatian dog Information and Photos

American Alsatian Information and Photos
The American Alsatian Dog, also called Alsatian Shepalute, is a large breed of domestic companion dog 9Not working dogs,just for companionship purpose) originating in the USA, bred back resemble to the  bone and body structure of Dire Wolf.
Weight :
Male 79–120 pounds (36–54 kg)
Female 75–100 pounds (34–45 kg)
Male 25–28 inches (63–71 cm)
Female 24–27 inches (61–69 cm)
Colors : Golden or silver sable are more most common
Litter size 5–12
Life span 12–15 years
Description ;American Alsatian dog breed is a large dog breed standing, on average, 24 to 28 inches (61 to 71 cm) at the withers and weigh 75-120 pounds (34-54 kg). The overall length of the American Alsatian is longer than that of the tall.This muscular dog neck short in length and of a thickness of circumference. His shoulders are slightly inclined and spaced to accommodate the depth and the width of the chest. It has large, heavy feet are a bit 'in part to support his weight and his legs are huge and everything reflects similarity want this race to the sturdy legs of the race say Wolf.This dog has a well-tail hair that is flat and not bending over the back of his body. E 'bit of black and reaches to the hock.
American Alsatian information and Pictures
Silver Sable American Alsatian dog
Coat: The Americans have an Alsatian thick undercoat and thick, completely throwing in the spring and summer. Together with the undercoat, but also in possession of a longer, coarse outer coat with a light color and black tips.All pigmentation of the skin must remain obscure.
Colors ; Pelt range of colors from gold to Silver Sable, timber wolf gray being the most desirable.Cream and black sable colorings have also been seen in some dogs, but they are very rare in general.
Health Concerns ; The American Alsatian lives an average of 12-14 years. Eye problems and ear has not been tested in any American Alsatian panosteitis, a genetic disease that causes limping in young dogs, has not been seen in a dog since 2004.
American Alsatian
American Alsatian dogs
Temperament and Behaviour ; The American Alsatian is a calm dog with a low drive to work. Do not start to play, if not encouraged. True to the personality of dogs bred for companionship, the American Alsatian enjoys being close and affectionate with his owners.The American Alsatian is generally friendly, but has a tendency to be more aloof with unknown children and pets. They respond easily to the direction and learn commands quickly. These dogs are sensitive to voice and respond well to light correction.

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