American Bulldog x Pitbull

American Bulldog x Pitbull
American Bulldog x Pitbull Dogs are very muscular, sturdy and strong working dogs. Male mark stockier heavier boned and more subtle than the females. Large head with powerful jaws.
American Bulldog x Pitbull are agile and light on his feet, the chest is wide and moderately deep, giving the sense of athletic ability and power. The neck is muscular, tapering from the shoulders to the head and may have a slight dewlap. The head is square, large and broad with muscular cheeks relatively in proportion to the size and overall structure of the dog. There is a defined furrow between the rounded eyes, with a distinct, sharply defined, deep stop. The strong muzzle is broad and square. The preferred bite is reverse scissors, but a moderate underbite, scissors or even bite are acceptable. A variety of ear types are acceptable including cropped, rose, half-pricked and forward flap. 
American Bulldog x Pitbull
Height: Males 22 - 28 inches (55 - 70 cm)  Females 20 - 26 inches (52 - 65 cm)
Weight: Males 70 - 120 pounds (32 - 54 kg) Females 60 - 100 pounds (27 – 45 kg)

American Bulldog x Pitbull
American Bulldog x Pitbull has health problems inlcluding Prone to hip dysplasia. They have a life expectancy up to 16 years, and the average size of a litter of 11 puppies normally. The American Bulldog should be taken on a long daily walk.
American Bulldog x Pitbull
Temperament : The American Bulldog is loyal, reliable, brave and determined. Not a hostile dog. Alert and self-confident, this breed genuinely loves children.

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Nicole Megan said...

Love the pictures! I've always had a pit bull in my home and now that it's empty I;m looking for Pit bull puppies for sale once again!

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